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Welcome to The Citarella Family Web site


The purpose of this site is to connect family members from across the world to share memories, achievements and information. Please visit our photo galleries, family history, biographies, and information pages to learn more about members of our family.


UPDATE: Thanks to Antonio Citarella for providing this family history from 1272! Click here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Claudio Citarella for providing this family history from 1386! Click here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Orazio/Raniero Citarella, we've traced our family back to 1841! Click here.


Informational Resources

The First Generation of Citarellas in America
Family Email Addresses
Citarella Family Tree (From 1841!)
Historical Documents
Citarella Coat of Arms
Citarellas in Italy (Thanks Orazio/Raniero!) - New!
Citarellas Family Forums - New!
The Monteleone Family History - New!
The Citarellas in the Amalfi Coast - New!

Photography Galleries

Family Photo Archives
Citarella Photo Location Map
Citarella Family Flickr Gallery



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