The Citarella Coat of Arms

Update June 25, 2012: We've just learned that this may not be our actual Coat of Arms. In a document we've received from Antonio Citarella, there is a description of our Coat of Arms, that reads:

"D'azzurro a due bande d'oro, abbassate sotto una trangla [tranquillo?] mareggiata e caricata di un pesce al naturale e sormontata da tre stelle d'oro ordinate nel capo."

The English Translation is: "In blue with two gold bands, under a [tranquil?] sea storm and filled with a fish in its natural environment and topped with three gold stars arranged in the head."

This is the Citarella coat of arms. It was sent to us by Bob Citarella who, in turn, received it from Pietro Citarella, in Naples. Bob believes this to be the actual coat of arms or "lo stemma", because there is a chapel in the city of Maiori which has the Citarella coat of arms over the entrance to the altar and it looks the same as the I'm sending you.

Citarella Coat of Arms

Updated: June 25, 2012